Le Clos des Roses is a true haven of greenery located between Cannes and Saint-Tropez, just 40 minutes from Nice airport.
Place of exception, it fits perfectly into the new age of wine. Around the vineyard central activity, which is part of the rich range of the Côtes de Provence, the Clos des Roses has also a small and charming hotel-restaurant, and offers reception rooms for seminars and events.

::::: THE FRUIT-SET ::::: At the beginning of July, during the fruit-set, the grapes starts appearing. At this time, the wine-maker Nathalie Millo and her team, prune the shoots which are growing up: this is the cropping, and on the sides : this is the pollarding. This work is done mechanically and favor the maturation of grape by offering a better exhibition to sun. It allows as well to optimise the passage in between the rows. Moreover, the vines being more aerated, they have less chances to catch diseases.