<span><span><span>Source Sauvage White 2021, Pays des Maures</span></span></span><br />  

Source Sauvage Blanc is a vin de pays des Maures, a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) produced only in the Var. At the Clos des Roses winery, this 100% Sauvignon wine is produced according to the principles of organic farming and harvested by hand in order to preserve all the qualities of the grape.


The Source Sauvage white wine has something to seduce you with its brilliant color, its delicate nose of boxwood, citrus and citron, and its powerful, smooth mouth. As you savor it, you will find the same varietal notes as the nose, enriched with an empyreumatic nuance (smoky, grilled, roasted and burned type of perfumes).

You can serve this very expressive white wine with citrus notes as an aperitif and with an assortment of shellfish and fish.

Source Sauvage is available in magnum, an ideal size for large tables of guests gathered around seafood dishes.

Our medals and awards

  • Silver Medal at the Concours des Vignerons Indépendant 2022