Give life back to a vineyard ...

Bought in 2006 by the Barbero family, the Clos des Roses has been completely rehabilitated with the firm intention from the owners to install a quality vineyard and produce a high quality wine.
To do so, heavy investments were made in order to be equipped with a powerful technical equipment and replant vines plots.

The name of Clos des Roses is a tribute to the owner's mother.
Giving to the vineyard the name "Clos des Roses" is to make a reference to a land of flowers, a family and a flower that gives its red color to the wine. It is a kind of summary of what makes a wine a good one : nature, terroir and expertise!

Clos des Roses produces Côtes de Provence (AOC or PDO) and Vins de Pays des Maures (PGI) in three colors: red, white and rosé. With 10 hectares of cultivated vineyards, the Clos des Roses has a varied palette of nine varieties, including: Grenache, Mourvèdre, Cinsault, Syrah, Rolle, Viognier, Cabernet, Sauvignon Blanc and Merlot.
Located on the terroir of Fréjus, the Clos des Roses benefits from volcanic soil. The red rock, characteristic of the Esterel, contributes to the richness of the vineyard where the vines are treated only with natural products used in organic farming. Carefully raised, the wines of Clos des Roses are expressed with character and finesse.

Awarded with several medals every year since 2013, our expertise and the quality of our wines are growing.


Enjoy the Clos des Roses through this video and discover the charms of his history, know-how, hotel-restaurant, events... an overview of what the Clos des Roses has to offer all year long.

BARBERO family
A family story
Family portrait, from grandparents to grandchildren.