Each month, the Clos des Roses, in partnership with Art Life Gallery (St. Raphaël), honors an artist and invite him to exhibit his works in the wine shop and the restaurant.


:::: MUTINE ::::

Mutine (synonymous) : switch, happy, naughty, childish, shameless, rebel, intriguing...
This photographer acquired its experience with artistic pictures which are passionating him. His look in the lens is focused on originality, details, feeling expression and composition, being spontaneous or crafted.


:::::: DJIANGO ::::::

Born in January 1991, David DJIAN grew up in the South of France. This is in this place that David is finds its passion for art. He develops is passion for drawing and painting, especially at the Bô workshop, where he learns about the different techniques applied to art: charcoal, pencil, Chinese ink and acrylic.
In 2010, he leaves its loved French Riviera to move to Paris, and starts studying in Penninghen, intro architecture, design and graphic school.

A year later, convinced that the future of the architecte profession need to include the environmental issues, he turns to an eco-responsible architecture. He creates houses from natural and renewable materials, while preserving the biodiversity and the local ressources.
He wins its first student competition at the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture (Special School of Architecture) in Paris in 2015. He is one oh the best graduated of the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture (Special School of Architecture) in 2017 and realizes as a pair with Anne-Laure, an eco-city, built from wooden pallets redeemed in the Negev desert.

In 2019, David decided to move to Nice to devote its full time to its first passion: painting. He discovers a unique identity, which inspired its series: «Just a touch of love».
Laurence BARBERO
Sales manager
For information on current exhibitions and upcoming, please contact Laurence Barbero.