Focus on : trimming of the vines

Since beginning of January, the shears are hardworking in the vines of the Clos des Roses for the trimming period.

From November to February, the vine enters in a winter rest period: novembre à Février, la vigne entre dans une période de sommeil appelée le repos hivernal: the sap does not run any more into the shoots and the leaves fall.

Being left to itself, the vine find back very quickly its natural state which is the one of a creeper constantly growing. Without trimming, the plant keeps growing and branching, so the wood production become more important than fruit-forming.
Trimming is necessary to suppress the shoots, select the buds which will become fruits.
This last allow to regulate the production and to improve the grapes' quality by concentrating the sugar in a limited quantity of grapes, by reducing the number of buds on each stump. At the same time, we define the production of the year depending on the allowed efficiency for each appellation and the types of grapes.

At the Clos des Roses, we trimme to let on each stump only 2 buds chic will province 3 to 6 grapes depending on the type of grapes.

Trimming is about strategy to ensure a good quality and quantity for the production.

>>> Vine trimming at the Clos des Roses in VIDEO <<<