Completely renovated, the wine cellar of Clos des Roses has a powerful technical equipment, essential for making high quality wines.

The wine cellar of Clos des Roses

The wine is aged in the cellar, under the attention of Nathalie Millo, winemaker and technical manager of the domain.

Attached to the traditions and values ​​of the region, the Clos des Roses harvest all the grapes by hand in 15kg boxes, to ensure a better quality of grapes. Once transported to the cellar, the magic of Provence wines can begin.

Different machines are used in the winemaking process, each with a clearly defined role: the crusher-destemmer, the exchanger or cooler of vintage, the pneumatic press and of course the stainless steel tanks. The whole process is carefully controlled by Nathalie MILLO, which ensures the smooth running of operations.

The cellar is equipped with the latest generation equipment, which precision and technology, connected with the expertise of our cellar master, contribute to a better respect of the product and a high quality winemaking.

The winery is also equipped with an underground barrel cellar, which we use for our aging red wines
Nathalie MILLO
Cellar master and winemaker