::::: ZOOM: WINE PRESS :::::

The wine press is used during the wine-making process, just after the maceration, in order topress the grapes and extract the juice.

The Clos des Roses uses a pneumatic wine press, which is the most modern pressing method allowing the extraction of a high quality juice, in a short time and with a low pression.
It works with a balloon, inflated with compressed air, and which crush delicately the grapes to open them and let the juice going in a uniform way.

At the contrary, the mechanic wine press, older and stronger, is made up with a screw, which crush the grapes but as well the skin, the seeds, gives an astringent juice.

Two types de presse exist: the direct press, it mean without any maceration phase before and the indirect press, with a maceration time defined depending on the types of grapes.